In tantric massage the most important features of physical practice revolve around the experience of our subtle energies and the accessing of these energies to enhance our feelings of well being and pleasure.


BK's tantric massage opens us to the stream of universal life energy. Sessions include setting our intentions and seeking understanding of our mind/body relationships. Tantric massage cultivates our erotic consciousness as well as increasing spiritual awareness of our mind and body.


Sessions are structured and flow in a typical order, but will always be flexible to allow more or less of any aspect to your needs. 


  • We often start the massage with a firm touch to clear blockages and help the flow of energy through our body. 

  • Balancing chakras that are too open or too closed improves the essential flow of the energy that we will be working with. Reiki energy is used to open and balance the channels of the body. We allow the universal life energy to enter where it is most needed, refreshing our mind and body.


  • Directing our attention to a soft touch over the entire body, from finger tip to toes, energises the body. As we become aware of our subtle energies we are able to consciously open ourselves to work on the ideas and desires that may have caused stress within our mind, body and spirit, leading to many of the blockages in our energy. 


  • Enlivening ourselves so energetically, in an extremely relaxed and effortless space, frees us to accept the erotic consciousness and the deep feelings of pleasure and wellbeing that this massage brings us. Advanced techniques from the tantric tradition can be used to highten even further our erotic consciousness.

  • Raising our personal and shared energy through touch creates a powerful connection for opening feelings and letting go of self-imposed fears, restrictions and judgements. As with all bodywork, we use visualisation to disengage and center ourselves at the end of a session, leaving us charged with universal energy rather the energy of our partner.  


Understand nudity within a professional environment.


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