Bodywork styles

Becoming Karma has created a therapeutic bodywork practice using sensual touch and energetic healing. It is a professional, no-sex practice. 


Sensual bodywork therapy is a holistic approach to the mind, body and spirit. It combines a range of energetic healing and therapeutic techniques such as chakra balancing, Reiki healing, sensual massage and conscious touch. It naturally and effortlessly addresses many aspects of our most intimate, emotional and physical wellbeing in a unique gender-neutral setting


This style of sensual bodywork therapy helps us through those times when we want to address issues of a physical, emotional or sexual nature and re-connect with our body, or simply want to treat ourself to a sensual and pampering experience. Every session begins with a consultation to create the unique treatment that is exactly right for you. 

Many sessions are a fusion of each of the following examples, making sensual bodywork therapy a powerful, healing and intimate experience. The most important features of all the styles of sensual bodywork revolve around the awareness and experience of our subtle energies and the accessing of these energies to enhance our feelings of wellbeing and pleasure.


Example sessions:
  • Balancing massage
    chakra balancing with Reiki healing is used to open and balance the channels of the body. We allow the universal life energy to enter where it is most needed. A full-body massage with hot oil unblocks and opens the circulation of your entire body from toes to fingertips with the intent to work with the chakra energy. 

  • Sensual massage
    We start with a slow-but-firm full-body massage using hot oil to target your knots, aches and pains and move many of the tensions which block the flow of energy through your body. This prepares you for the soft touch of sensual Tantric massage, which cultivates your erotic consciousness.  


  • Therapeutic bodywork
    When our deeper intentions are towards personal growth, the benefits can range from clearing subtle blockages and inhibitions to profound sexual healing. Bodywork therapy consciously creates a safe space to explore the issues most important to you, including consent, trust, body confidence, gender expression, nudity, touch and personal connections.  




Bodywork therapy sessions are a 'safe space' where there is NO expectation of the bodywork escalating to include sex. This rule is sacred to all sessions and non negotiable.


This no-sex rule extends to all forms of sex, and clients are politely asked not to initiate any additional lovemaking, touching or kissing. When you receive any form of bodywork you ONLY receive. 


This is very important in order to create freedom for intimacy during a sensual or erotic session. You will, in fact, find this restriction highly beneficial as it creates a deeply-relaxing session, knowing that you are entirely the receiver and main beneficiary of ALL the sensual and erotic energy generated during the session. I hope you find it as joyful and healing to our spirits as I do.


Becoming Karma does not offer any clinical massage nor physiotherapy services and you should not seek any medical treatments from your session.


If you suffer from chronic pain and/or stress patterns which diminish your quality of life it may be time to speak with your health care provider.

Understand nudity within a professional environment.


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