In my experience, everyone has both masculine and feminine aspects. We all have both of these complimentary and sometimes contradictory energies to call on, no matter what gender, orientation, or identity we hold. 


For some, being unable to resolve seemingly contradictory aspects in our selves can cause rifts in our sexual and spiritual nature. Sensual bodywork therapy can make an emense contribution to healing these rifts of mind, body and spirit. 


Body awareness

Sensual bodywork therapy helps us to introduce full body awareness and fresh energy to our sexuality. 


Some of us have depleted energy levels and a diminished sense of aliveness in our sexual centers and low energy in the our heart region. Others feel constricted with their heart energy while having an intense sexual charge. Some of us are just fearfully frozen. Others become frustrated at a perceived lack of ability to negotiate the complexities of society's sexual expectations.


Our reaction to these stresses is a fragmented energy in the body. Sexual motivation (if we are left with any at all) can end up having more to do with feelings like neediness, escape from other feelings, and proving one’s self-worth, than feelings of pure pleasure and spiritual connection.


Theraputic techniques

Whatever one’s history may be, we all benefit from clearing energetic blockages and improving the flow of our energy. This is very much the basis of sensual bodywork therapy and has proven helpful in awakening and balancing sexual energy.


Once we feel safe and ready to open to what we want from ourselves and others, then it is possible to deal with personal and social issues; to explore issues of consent, trust, body awareness and personal connections. 


Conscious breathing, conscious touch and Tantric massage all bring energy (and spirit) into us and help improve sexual aliveness. Goals are often built around allowing us to relax and receive: to surrender to a form of pleasure we may not be accustomed to. There can be very deep benefits from this. 


Many people have deep layers of social and sexual conditioning they would like to overcome. For example many men report feeling pressured to be in a doing and goal-oriented position. There are many bodywork techniques that give us experiance of a softer, more receptive side and the experience of pleasure from a non-traditional perspective.


Sensual bodywork therapy is a conscious step to more-subtly feel, learn and express ourselves. When working with a practitioner we can use these experiences to help dissolve shame, insecurities, and to accept contradictions and complexities within ourselves.



Integrating our diverse nature

Sensual bodywork therapy brings our attention not only to the experience of receiving pleasure, but feeling both our feminine and masculine energies, accepting (and communicating) our sensual needs, and observing the currents of powerful and subtle feelings and energies that want to be release.


You will know that sexual healing is progressing as you start to emphasize spiritual fulfillment and the integration of your proactive and passive aspects: of power and surrender, femininity and masculinity. You will notice the relaxed and healthy desire for personal and shared experiences of fulfillment, pleasure and higher consciousness.



For some, being unable to resolve seemingly-contradictory aspects within ourselves can cause rifts in our sexual and spiritual nature. 

For some, it may be important to have a safe space to express the non-binary side of our gender or sexual orientation. . 

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