The most common questions asked by clients are about nudity and the intimate nature of bodywork therapies. 


Nudity within sensual bodywork therapy

Sensual bodywork therapy often uses nudity and the sense of intimacy that creates in order to work specifically with our sexual and erotic consciousness.


In a professional setting it is essential to be completely clear about the reasons for nudity and the guidelines for etiquette and acceptable behaviour. I find a very simple and matter-of-fact approach is appreciated by clients.

For the client

Sessions are usually conducted with the client fully undressed. Depending of the style of the session the client may be either fully uncovered or drapped in a towel with only the areas being worked on undrapped. Staying relaxed and comfortable throughout the session includes being mindful about both our modesty and keeping our extremities warm.

There are no absolute requirements regarding nudity during bodywork sessions. The style and nature of every session will be clearly agreed during the initial consultation to support the aims of the session. The prime concerns are for the the client being relaxed and comfortable throughout.


For the practitioner

When it is helpful to create a sense of intimacy and cultivate a sense of sensual and erotic freedom, then the practitioner may remove all clothing for a fully nude session.

If a less intimate session is helpful to the therapy, then sessions may be conducted with the practitioner wearing light clothing suitable for massage work and the use of massage oils, such as swim or gym wear.


Bodywork therapy sessions are a 'safe space' where there is NO expectation of the bodywork escalating to include sex. This rule is sacred to all sessions and non negotiable.



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