A hot oil treatment is a type of body therapy for relaxation and healing.


A very sensual touch

Hot oil treatment feels wonderfully pampering and it makes such a beautiful beginning to any session where our goals are pleasure and the feeling of well being.


The process of a hot oil treatment is soft and sensual. It makes a smooth and gentle way to wake up the skin, enliven our sense of touch, and to get to know the body. As the hot oil warms and relaxes the muscles it is a perfect prelude to a full body massage and well as being extremely relaxing. 


The technique I prefer for applying hot oil is to run generous amounts of the oil onto your body off the back of my hand. The body is gently oiled with long strokes on the limbs and back, while making small circular movements on the joints. A soft touch is always used in my hot oil treatment, particularly over the organs and heart where only a very slight touch in a gentle circular motion is ever used.


The feet and hands get special attention, as not only are all the meridians influenced at these points but a generous oiling at these points can be especially sensual.


Therapeutic effects

The effect on the body of a hot oil treatment is to loosen and release impurities, so it is important to drink plenty of water after a treatment.


I always use an organic, cold-pressed, carrier oil and high-quality therapeutic essential oils for aromatherapy. It is important to note that the skin is an organ and will metabolise anything that comes in contact with it, so I only use pure products. You can read more about the oils I prefer in my blog.


You can still enjoy hot oil treatments even if you have a lot of heat, skin or muscle inflammation. I simply select a more cooling oil. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin. As with all bodywork, it is important to have a full consultation before the session starts.

Understand nudity within a professional environment.


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