Being conscious of every touch and its effects on both parties, fosters the respect and safety we need for positive transformational experiences.

Being aware, deeply and profoundly, of our touch and its effects, is the foundation for many of the transformations we want to make in our lives. Conscious touch requires a soft approach, where we take the time to become aware of its effects on us.


When using conscious touch both the practitioner and the client become totally present and centered on the work. It is an exercise that keeps us aware not only of the soft contact, touch and strokes of massage, but also of our breath, position and posture. It is an exercise that develops awareness of our thoughts and feelings, and is an exploration of the flow of our energy throughout our bodies.

A soft touch, with soft hands helps us intuitively to move in the best direction. The softness encourages us to remain aware of what our heart is saying to us throughout the work. We do not run on auto pilot, nor conduct set movements or massage techniques. We move intuitively and use communication to maintain our awareness of every unique touch, it's importance and its effects, which guides our practice to be effortless and graceful.

Conscious touch generates a great deal of sensual energy and the practitioner and the client share this energy throughout the session. Through visualisation exercises, we disengage and center ourselves at the end of a session. The work becomes a healing meditation for both practitioner and client, leaving us radiant with fresh clean energy that is the gift from the universe to all who simply become aware of it.


The safe-space rule

Bodywork therapy sessions are a 'safe space' where there is NO expectation of the bodywork escalating to include sex. This rule is sacred to all sessions and non negotiable.


This no-sex rule extends to all forms of sex, and clients are politely asked not to initiate any additional lovemaking, touching or kissing. When you receive any form of bodywork you ONLY receive. 


This is very important in order to create freedom for intimacy during a sensual or erotic session. You will, in fact, find this restriction highly beneficial as it creates a deeply-relaxing session, knowing that you are entirely the receiver and main beneficiary of ALL the sensual and erotic energy generated during the session. I hope you find it as joyful and healing to our spirits as I do.

Understand nudity within a professional environment.


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